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A Bridge to Get There

A Bridge to Get There

A Bridge to Get There

February 2, 2016 – It is easy to imagine your future IT environment: a cloud-based, application-centric infrastructure that enhances business agility, reduces TCO, automates IT tasks, and accelerates and automates data center application deployments with DevOps tool sets and processes. Getting to that utopian state; however, is another story altogether.

The growing demands of the mission and changing application requirements require a different approach to infrastructure that is simple, agile, and application centric. Where do you start? Applications today behave differently, are highly virtualized, and are more distributed than ever. Developed differently, these applications require rapid and continuous delivery, shifting the communication needs within the data center. Getting to the cloud isn’t easy. It is a journey, and sometimes a slow one. We’ve broken this journey into three phases and offer a “bridge” to get to the cloud and an application centric environment at your pace and as your organization is ready.

Discover: Work with your executives, lines of business, and IT stakeholders to characterize your applications and define your ideal outcomes – both short and long term. By understanding the people, the processes and the systems involved, you will lay the foundation for the transformation. Through interviews, listening and education sessions, you create a mutual understanding and awareness of the challenge and possible solutions. You will be able to identify the priorities and the low-hanging fruit to take the first step toward the cloud.

Align and Validate: Work across the business and IT to analyze, identify and validate the solutions ideal for your initial applications and targets. Create alignment on critical decisions about security, governance, build vs buy, and consumption models. Understand the ROI for your applications and the best possible results by leveraging the cloud. Define a narrow subset of applications to begin with and create action plans based on those decisions.

Design, Migrate, and Operate: Design, test and implement the right solutions for your applications. Based on the reference architectures, you can begin to understand the right cloud solutions for your applications – whether they be on prem or off prem and in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Avoid the temptation to jump to off premises public cloud environments in an “all or nothing” solution. Take baby steps – and do what is right for your organization. Align people, policy and procedure to business needs. You can then pilot, test and validate solutions while focusing on operational excellence. Support the ongoing management and operation of the new cloud environment through automated cloud services and industry-standard methodologies. Continue to work with business and IT stakeholders to measure outcomes and continually improve the performance of the applications.

By focusing on the low-hanging fruit, gaining buy-in from all critical stakeholders within your organization, and following a methodical process, you will quickly be on your journey to the cloud.