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Federal Government Migration to the Cloud - Where We Are

Federal Government Migration to the Cloud - Where We Are

Federal Government Migration to the Cloud – Where We Are

March 7, 2016 – The realization has certainly sunk in for many in the Federal government—that to avoid redundant infrastructure and the cost inefficiencies (which understandably take a “better safe than sorry” approach to plan for extreme contingencies) inherent to maintaining one’s own infrastructure—outsourcing not only O&M, but also infrastructure management wherever possible, is ideal.

The process and rate of adoption has hit some unforeseen snags early on. According to Accenture, less than half of managers who responded to their poll were familiar with their agency’s cloud solution, and 68% believed that their department was not sufficiently equipped to adopt a Cloud strategy.
And while rates of adoption are arguably still somewhat more sluggish than initially anticipated during the initial announcement of the Cloud First mandate, many are finally characterizing adoption among the federal government as hitting its “tipping point.”

“We’ve had no problem shifting people who used to be for example a UNIX administrator, into local area network infrastructure enhancement. So the skills that you have as an IT professional are typically very transferable to another part of the mission of providing IT service management.” – Kimberly Hancher, CIO, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

But whereas “those in the know” would have suggested only a couple of years ago that government organizations pursue Cloud strategies despite a relatively resistive environment, conventional wisdom is now verging on strictly dictating Cloud adoption. The good news is that this dictate is a lot more nuanced nowadays, following years of success (and not-quite-success) Cloud adoption stories within the Federal government.