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Cloud Computing and Data Center Services

Cloud Computing and Data Center Services

Cloud / Data Center Services

Businesses are looking for ways to be flexible in running their applications and not get locked into fixed assets, but the traditional world of deploying applications is very rigid. Cloud Computing can solve this issue with ‘pay as you go’ cloud computing services, where customers are not waiting for new computing resources to be deployed. Cloud Computing also helps businesses better align operating costs with the change in computing demand instead of over procuring equipment. Flexible pricing models, no capital money, scalability, and flexible usage for compute, storage, networking and software infrastructure are some of the benefits that companies are seeing with Cloud Computing/aaS models. This enables you to maintain an enterprise grade environment for all parts of your IT infrastructure and have KPS manage control & security, migrate legacy workloads, and manage system configurations all for just a monthly cost. KPS supports dozens of different OEM vendors so you will get the best technology based on your application and IT needs.

KPS’ approach to Cloud Computing/aaS is based on the experience gained while specializing in Data Center relocations and consolidations. To understand customers in their journey moving to cloud computing, Zeus, a proprietary as a Service automation tool which provides detailed information about the entire infrastructure and application dependencies. KPS and its cloud partners have migrated numerous applications, all with different requirements to Public, Hybrid and Private cloud platforms. Zeus allows you to view infrastructure and capacity at the click of a button. KPS works with its customers to understand demand and deployment timelines so instead of the traditional way of buying equipment for all sites at one time and paying one large sum of capital money, the customer sees the benefit of using operating expense money and only buying sites as they are ready to deploy. Not only does this save the customers money on the infrastructure itself because of higher utilization, but there are no storage needs for equipment waiting to be deployed. Also this allows customers to reduce staff hours spent managing multiple vendors’ ordering, delivery and maintenance processes.

Since 2006, KPS has established itself as one of the fastest growing providers of technology and consulting services.

We provide holistic solutions for customers’ toughest IT challenges, with expertise spanning a wide spectrum of IT management, product, and service solutions.

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