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Cloud Enabling Your Data Center Through our 'as a Service' offerings

Cloud Enabling Your Data Center Through our 'as a Service' offerings

On Premises

While off premises clouds offer a lot of benefits, not every application is a good fit for them!  We understand your concerns about fully moving your enterprise to an off premises cloud – things like data security, service level guarantees, and vendor lock-in. That’s why we developed a model that offers all the benefits of an off premises cloud, in an on premises “as a Service” model. With KPS’ on premises solutions, you will:

  • Pay for a Service – Only What you Need to Operate, Nothing More
  • Transition from Capital Expenses to Operating Expenses
  • Enable Scalability to Adjust to Current Capacity Needs
  • Decrease the Time to Market for New Applications
  • Improve Infrastructure Reliability and Performance
  • Gain Full IT Lifecycle Support Including Maintenance and Technology Refresh

On Premises Capabilities

By separating the KPS on premises “as a Service” offerings into the critical components that make up your information technology, you can be sure that you will get the solution that’s right for you. Our on premises offerings include the following:

  • Infrastructure & Platform – Receive infrastructure equipment (compute, storage, and communications) in a pay-as-you-go model, with (or without) the platform-level management on top of it. No more over-built and under-utilized infrastructure – get the equipment you need, when you need it!
  • Software – Get the software you need – such as SharePoint or email – and pay for it by usage.
  • Security – Ensure the security of your systems on a per-system basis!  KPS provides all of its cyber security offerings, from SOC monitoring to ISSO support, in this usage-based model.


  • Cloud Enablement – KPS can integrate the cloud orchestration and customer interface tools used in our off premises cloud for your use with both new and existing equipment, and with whatever management tools you already use! Need better scalability for business applications? Want to make use of that old equipment? Trying to better manage infrastructure resources? You need your own cloud. And now you’ve got it!

With KPS, it’s also not an “all or nothing” deal.  You can engage KPS for one component of the model (like at DHS HQ, where KPS provides Security as a Service on customer systems), a portion of a component (like at DISA, where KPS provides Network Capacity as a Service for customer systems), or all of the components (for your very own fully managed, “as a Service”, private cloud).  Mix and match and get the right solution for your needs!

Want to know more about the KPS ‘as a Service’ model?
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