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Infrastructure and Platform as a Service

Infrastructure and Platform as a Service

Infrastructure & Platform

Investing in IT infrastructure is expensive. In addition to the upfront capital costs, IT equipment requires maintenance contracts, tech refreshes, emergency replacement, and a number of other things – all of which cost money. Off premises cloud models allow customers to “get out of the business of owning equipment”, but can sometime present other difficulties such as compliance, performance, and control that prevent you from migrating business-critical applications.


What We Provide

Through the KPS ‘as a Service’ model, you can get all of the benefits of “not owning equipment” in a cloud, but in your own on premises data center! KPS provides infrastructure essentials – compute, storage, and networking all based on the performance requirements you ask for! Just tell us what it is you need, and we’ll handle it from there – no need for maintenance contracts, tech refreshes, or any of the other costs of owning equipment – KPS has you covered.

Compute as a Service – Get the exact computing performance you need. Think of it as “bare metal”, but for your data center!

Storage as a Service – Tired of the huge storage arrays? Never over-buy and under-utilize again! Through KPS’ Storage as a service, you define the performance you need, and we increase and decrease the storage size as you do.

Network Capacity as a Service – You wouldn’t buy a truckload of apples to bake an apple pie, so why would you buy a brand new network device, when you only need a port or two? KPS can get you the right-sized network capacity to fit your exact needs, and scale it whenever you want.

Through KPS’ Zeus tool, your ‘as a Service’ equipment is under complete asset management – you can view, move, decommission, and add assets directly through the tool. Further, we work with your operations team and system admins to ensure all of the equipment is used just like it normally would be. No hassles.

Need to right-size your operations and administration in an ‘as a Service’ model too? No problem, KPS has you covered. Stop worrying about managing the data center, counting operating system licenses, maintaining secured images, and patching operating systems – focus on your business, and allow us to enable you to do it. Through our three levels of KPS Managed Services we offer basic management of equipment, OS support and management, and even application support – all on your premises. It’s the service you need, when and where you need it.

Since 2006, KPS has established itself as one of the fastest growing providers of technology and consulting services.

We provide holistic solutions for customers’ toughest IT challenges, with expertise spanning a wide spectrum of IT management, product, and service solutions.

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