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Security as a Service

Security as a Service

Security as a Service

KPS understands the importance of security.  Protecting your systems and data is always a priority in all KPS solutions, and we have a vast experience in doing just that through our traditional service offerings… But in a cloud, traditional services don’t allow for the rapid deployment you need. Aligning cloud services with traditional security services can hold back cloud deployments and limit the rapid on-demand benefits of a cloud.


At KPS, we’ve developed a model to allow you to scale your security as fast as you scale your applications. By delivering all of our cyber security offerings ‘as a Service’, KPS can grow with you, making sure you are completely secure in any environment.

  • Security Engineering – Leverages, implements and maintains the latest robust security tools and engineering practices to keep customer information safe.
  • Information Assurance – Provides oversight of the security of the customer infrastructure through the implementation of best-practice, policies and procedures.
  • Certification & Accreditation – Ensures security controls are in place to meet compliance requirements while minimizing data exposure and risk to the systems.
  • Vulnerability Analysis – Identifies and eliminates vulnerabilities and guarding against future attacks.
  • Penetration Testing – Tests a customers’ security posture providing a hacker’s view of the systems and the potential weaknesses and attack vectors of those systems.
  • SOC Services – Monitors, assesses and defends against emerging threats to the critical assets and provides cyber situational awareness.
  • Incident Handling & Analysis – Delivers technical analysis and mitigation to maintain a secure and trusted network.
  • Forensic/Media Analysis – Uses forensic technology and tools to identify misuse, malware, threat vectors, and possible compromise of systems.
  • Malware Analysis – Performs static/dynamic analysis on malware to determine malware’s intent, origin, threat level, etc.
  • COMSEC – Provides COMSEC technical services, assessments and training to support secure communications.

Whether it’s for existing systems or new ones, KPS gets you the security you need.  When you need it.

Since 2006, KPS has established itself as one of the fastest growing providers of technology and consulting services.

We provide holistic solutions for customers’ toughest IT challenges, with expertise spanning a wide spectrum of IT management, product, and service solutions.

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