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Empowering our team to focus on service excellence

Empowering our team to focus on service excellence

Our Vision

As Knight Point Systems continues to grow, our goal remains to build a business where our team members share in developing creative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We have a passion for understanding our customers’ business needs, and we know that our success in delivering solutions that meet those needs means investing in our most important asset – our employees.

Core Values: The 4Cs

          CandorOpen Communication in Open and Honest Environment
          CompetenceHighly Trained Employees Looking to Build Personal and Professional Growth
          CommitmentTo Employees and Customers, to Excellence in Everything We Do
          ConfidenceAbility to Complete the Mission

Mission Statement

The Knight Point Systems mission is to exceed customer expectations by delivering on commitments with proven value added solutions and thought leadership. We do so by creating an organizational culture that fosters personal and professional growth. We empower our team members to focus on service excellence.

Since 2005, KPS has established itself as one of the fastest growing providers of technology and consulting services.

We provide holistic solutions for customers’ toughest IT challenges, with expertise spanning a wide spectrum of IT management, product, and service solutions.

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